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Israel’s Solution for a Water-Starved World

Let There Be Water

Israel’s Solution for a Water-Starved World

With hardly a day without a water-crisis story somewhere, Let There Be Water offers prescriptions on how countries, cities, and businesses can avoid the worst of it.

With sixty percent of the country in a desert and despite a rapidly growing population, Israel has been jumping ahead of the water-innovation curve for decades.

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The Let There Be Water Podcast tackles the biggest water issues with the world's authorities on water. Listen to interviews with those who know the most about the water crisis—and what can be done to fix it.


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“#Water mingles with every kind of natural phenomenon; and more than one might imagine, it has also mingled with the particular destiny of mankind.” –Fernand Braudel #SaveWater #EveryDropCounts #LetThereBeWater
“If we start to think of #water as a commodity and not as a symbol of national identity, we can exchange, trade, buy, or sell water in its many forms." –Eilon Adar, Ben-Gurion University #WaterCrisis #LetThereBeWater
"Everyone knows that Israel made the desert bloom by finding #water in unusual ways. Everyone knows we used special irrigation technology to get better yields with less water." –Saar Bracha #WaterFacts #LetThereBeWater
Wash your pets outdoors over an area of your lawn that may need water. #WaterCrisis #WaterSavingTips #WaterFacts
#Israel has built five desalination plants, one of which is the world's largest and most energy efficient. #WaterCrisis #LetThereBeWater
#Israel benefits from wise #water laws. It has a large cadre of highly qualified regulators and utility managers. #LetThereBeWater
Israeli seed breeders came up with a revolutionary, and counter-intuitive, idea of developing plants that thrive when grown on brackish water. #SaveWater #WaterFacts #LetThereBeWater
Flood irrigation has been in effect since the dawn of civilization and was used by the ancient societies living near the Nile in Egypt and the Tigris-Euphrates system in Iraq. #WaterFacts #WaterCrisis #LetThereBeWater

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