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Israel’s Solution for a Water-Starved World

Let There Be Water

Israel’s Solution for a Water-Starved World

With hardly a day without a water-crisis story somewhere, Let There Be Water offers prescriptions on how countries, cities, and businesses can avoid the worst of it.

With sixty percent of the country in a desert and despite a rapidly growing population, Israel has been jumping ahead of the water-innovation curve for decades.

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The Let There Be Water Podcast tackles the biggest water issues with the world's authorities on water. Listen to interviews with those who know the most about the water crisis—and what can be done to fix it.


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#WaterTip: Wash your pet in outdoors in an area on your lawn that needs water. #LetThereBeWater
“The ultimate user of all of that water is the person who eats the food grown by the farmer. We are all in this together.” –California Agriculture Commissioner Karen Ross
Drip irrigation saves water, enhances yield, and helps reduce use of carbon fuels because it requires less energy than other irrigation methods. #LetThereBeWater
“#Water is the only drink fit for a wise man.” -Henry David Thoreau #LetThereBeWater #WaterCrisis
Idaho, Oregon, & Washington State are beginning to feel the effects of drought-induced hardships. #LetThereBeWater #WaterCrisis
#Israel’s water system may be the most successful example of socialism in practice anywhere in the world today. #LetThereBeWater
In many of the remote regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, #water is a main element of the struggle of life. #LetThereBeWater #WaterCrisis

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