Bloomberg’s Favorite Summer Reads Includes Let There Be Water

Bloomberg’s Favorite Summer Reads Includes Let There Be Water

The View at the Beach: Our Favorite Summer Reads

Now’s your chance to catch up on some great ones, from an 1889 classic to Grisham’s latest.

Let There Be Water
By Seth M. Siegel

As you recline under the sun this weekend, bring the subject of water along in your beach bag. Siegel dives into the subject of the global water crisis and how it can be fixed, if the world were to follow and embrace the Israeli model. He became intrigued by a 2012 report by the National Intelligence Council concluding that the world is entering into a “prolonged water crisis,” concluding that in less than a decade countries important to the U.S. and to global security will be at risk of a “state failure.” Built on meticulous research and interviews with 220 people — including many world leaders — he explains how a tiny nation in the middle of the desert has so much clean water that it exports it, even to neighbors that may not like them very much. Its a fascinating and detailed study that intertwines history, politics, technology and sociology, addressing a subject that is crucial to every living person. – SHELLEY GOLDBERG