“Let There Be Water” is a #1 Bestseller in Karnataka

“Let There Be Water” is a #1 Bestseller in Karnataka

Cover of the Kannada edition of "Let There Be Water"

Karnataka, located in southwestern India, is suffering from an historic drought. Home to 65 million people, fears are growing about a humanitarian crisis. With deepening relations between India and Israel and with water scarcity now threatening stability in India, the Kannada-language edition of “Let There Be Water” has become a “must-read” by government officials, farmers, academics and policy planners in Bangalore and Karnataka.

The book, translated by Bangalore resident Raghavendra Hegde, was released on June 3 at the Indian Institute of World Culture. It was published by Ankita Pustaka under the title ನಾಳೆಗೂ ಇರಲಿ ನೀರು (Nalegu Irali Neeru). By the end of the first week, the Kannada-edition of “Let There Be Water” was the Number 1 bestselling book in Karnataka, selling briskly at Karnataka bookstores Sapna and Navakarnataka and on their online services. It is also available on Amazon’s India website here.

The Kannada-language edition has also been widely covered in print and social media in Bangalore and Karnataka. See here.

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